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Featured Artist Of The Week: EXQWIZITE

Miami born, Palm Beach County raised, Exqwizite is a 16-year-old rapper/singer-songwriter who is looking to get an early start on her career. She possesses all creative control over her music and with being so young , the lyrical content is pretty dope compared to the mainstream female rap artist now.

She gets her inspiration from mature rap artist such as Lauren Hill; rapping the verse and singing her own chorus, in a delivery that displays her own youthful spin. The track called “I’m Fly” is a prime example of that :

Right now she under the management with Orci Sonus of Sir Dutchie who says the biggest challenge with working with such a new and young artist would be the age limit in certain venues! However, that does not stop the show – Exqwizite will perform July 6th in downtown Orlando among other musicians trying to get a buzz started.

Young people have always been a great source of inspiration. They are imperative to any change process because they become the future. Exqwizite sends a message to her fellow peers, saying ” My advice would be to actually find out who YOU are as a person, not would society says you are, but who you say you are and be original…”

If you’re ready to see what Exqwizite brings to the table, you can listen to selected tracks, get free downloads, view videos and tell her what you think by clicking the link below!



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Big K.R.I.T – “I Got This”

You know the west is the last to hear of good country/east coast rappers, so I have to keep Arizona up to speed. This is one of the newest releases from K.R.I.T. titled “I Got This” on his mixtape 4Eva N A Day. You can hear the G-funk organ-whines and cluster-bomb drums working in the background, and K.R.I.T showing us his capability to connect from the streets all the way to the boardroom, as usual. You’ll like it.

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Stalley: Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music)

Clean. Intelligent. Smooth. Those are three words I’d use to describe the music of the Ohio native rapper named Stalley. If you haven’t heard yet, you’re truly missing out, especially if you are attentive to lyricism. Take a couple of minutes to hear one of my favorites from him; “Pound” :


It’s almost completely unnoticeable how he avoids curse words in his music. You may have a preferable style, but who doesn’t appreciate lyricism? There’s no dumbing down his choice of words by using “hoe, bitch, nigga” (etc, etc); he takes you to a higher level of thinking, which is what an artist is suppose to do.

I appreciate the creativity of today’s young mainstream artist who make their hits from catchy hooks and metaphors,but some of us need something deeper than that. Allow me to introduce another favorite named “Hard” :


You get a quality deal with this cat. Fresh, head nodding beats, clear and creative choice of words, a distinct style and image; there’s something for everybody! I may find favoritism with him because I automatically cling to the use of instruments like the bass trumpet in “Slapp” and even other sounds and instruments I haven’t heard before. Bottom line is it’s different and it works.

Signed to MMG, he’s rubbing elbows with other valued rappers such as Rick Ross, Wale, and Curren$y.  His mixtape “Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music) was already released last November, but it’s never too late to catch up on great music. It all speaks for itself.

“Brain waves of intelligence is what I send out” -Stalley. That you are, son.

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