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Scarlett Johansson, Defines The Meaning Of A Triple Threat

What you just heard was the voice of American actress and model, Scarlett Johansson. We can all see she has the lovely face of an angel, but who knew she had the voice to match? We often find actors/actresses making way from the movie screen to behind someone’s Hollywood studio mic, and the results are sometimes pretty good, but more often something you would not consider buying the album to. This case is a surprising exception to that. She teamed up singer-songwritter and guitarist, Pete Yorn and created 9 “break -up” songs and music videos to match. This next song is one of them entitled, “Relator” :

In addition to these break up songs, Scarlett also did 10 cover versions of the singer – songwriter Tom Waits who was also an actor. Theres no doubt she could have her own album and run with the music pros! Here are a couple more favorites:

“Innocent When You Dream” (Live)
“Falling Down” (Tom Waits cover)

Scarlett Johansson can be found on Pandora radio as well as iTunes.


If you’re not too familiar with her work as an actress, a few good movies to catch up on are:

1.) “A Good Woman” Scarlett Johansson played Lady Windermere in “A Good Woman.” The movie is a faithful adaptation of the famous play by Oscar Wilde. Helen Hunt starred as Mrs. Erlynne. Overall, the movie manages to maintain the undefined, offbeat comedy that lies within all of Wilde’s plays.

2.) “Manny and Lo” Scarlett Johansson showed her star power in “Manny and Lo.” She played the role of Amanda, one of two young sisters who run away and kidnap a woman to help the oldest sister with her accidental pregnancy. You can see the talent and potential in the very young Scarlett in her strong portrayal of Amanda. It’s a quirky, offbeat film and the acting carries the strange story along.

3.) “Ghost World” With a tagline of “Accentuate the negative,” don’t expect too much with “Ghost World.” Scarlett Johansson played Rebecca and Thora Birch played Enid. Rebecca and Enid are two teenage outcasts who target a middle-aged outcast for their ill-spirited prank.

4.) “The Nanny Diaries” “The Nanny Diaries” is both a stark and comedic look at what life is truly like for nannies on the Upper West Side of New York City. Scarlett Johansson carried this movie with ease. The movie was based on the best-selling book of the same name and it’s based on, yes, a true story.

5.) “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” Woody Allen’s “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” captured a lot of attention upon its 2008 release. Scarlett Johansson played Cristina in this movie, which followed the story of a love triangle gone awry. It’s not the typical story on the topic and there are no “bad guys” at fault. This movie is about finding your way.


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