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The Roc Is In The Building! Rita Ora Prepares To Release Her Debut Album

Jay-Z  is making  a living out of turning young, beautiful and musically gifted young women into hot, chart topping, rock sensations and his newest protege would be a 21 year old bleach- blonde British beauty named Rita Ora. If the name doesn’t automatically ring a bell, maybe it will after hearing her number one single on itunes “R.I.P”

If you think this is just another beautiful young woman who’s image sells more than her talent, you are (fortunately) WRONG! She has beauty and the talent to match. Most of her song released are more appropriate for rocking out in your car or in the gym, but here’s a sample of her doing a cover of Gotye and Kimbra “Somebody That I Used To Know” to get a feel of her vocal ability:

Beautiful, right?

Her album titled ‘ORA’! is set to release August 27th, 2012. Her album artwork was released July 3 and a tracklist will be coming soon, so look out for that! In the meantime, her playful, sexy, party hard songs and videos are perfect for the summertime.

Here’s her second biggest song titled “How We Do” that has graced the airwaves of thousands of radio stations:

Rita Ora also gives her fans a glimpse of her experiences doing what is typical in the life of a pop-star in several video diaries also on youtube. One of them being a behind-the-scenes look into her UK tour that was posted back in April 2012, but in my opinion the best video diary was “Rita Ora 24/7: In The Studio” as she takes us into the studio and explains her inspiration behind her music and sheds a little light on her personality and how that plays an obvious part in her music.

I personally like to do a little research on an artist so if you like to do the same, the link below will take you to the official website of Rita Ora where you can pre-order your copy of ‘ORA’!


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Featured Artist Of The Week: EXQWIZITE

Miami born, Palm Beach County raised, Exqwizite is a 16-year-old rapper/singer-songwriter who is looking to get an early start on her career. She possesses all creative control over her music and with being so young , the lyrical content is pretty dope compared to the mainstream female rap artist now.

She gets her inspiration from mature rap artist such as Lauren Hill; rapping the verse and singing her own chorus, in a delivery that displays her own youthful spin. The track called “I’m Fly” is a prime example of that :

Right now she under the management with Orci Sonus of Sir Dutchie who says the biggest challenge with working with such a new and young artist would be the age limit in certain venues! However, that does not stop the show – Exqwizite will perform July 6th in downtown Orlando among other musicians trying to get a buzz started.

Young people have always been a great source of inspiration. They are imperative to any change process because they become the future. Exqwizite sends a message to her fellow peers, saying ” My advice would be to actually find out who YOU are as a person, not would society says you are, but who you say you are and be original…”

If you’re ready to see what Exqwizite brings to the table, you can listen to selected tracks, get free downloads, view videos and tell her what you think by clicking the link below!

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