The Weeknd “Song bird of his Generation”

R&B lovers, are going to love this one. The Weeknd – no “e”-  is a 22 year old Canadian musician who is barely scratching the music scene,but already deemed the “Songbird of his Generation” by MTV, BET, Rolling Stone, XXL, and The Source. All I can say about that is, for good reason! He’s already been nominated and even won a few awards so, like always, I went through and found the best tracks from the trilogy of mixtapes he released last year; House of Balloons (released March 2011), Thursday (released August 2011), and Echoes of Silence (released December 2011). I steer clear of jibber-jabber so , yes, he will have you lyrically inclined. Here are the top 8 choices of mine:

“What You Need”- House of Balloons. The intro has a faint, kind of distorted sample from Aaliyah’s “Rock the Boat” when she says “Baby now we can coast”.

“Wicked Games” – House of Balloons

“The Morning” – House of Balloons

“Gone” – Thursday

“Rolling Stone” – Thursday

“High For This” – House Of Balloons

“Initiation” – Echoes of Silence

“Next” – Echoes of Silence

You can listen download all three mixtapes from his website from the link below.

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