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“Another Black Girl Lost” – Nas

Nas does spectacular work when he speaks on the empowerment of people. He encourages particularly young black women in his new single “Another Black Girl Lost” to not let dumb decisions over a man ruin the rest of their lives as well as the life of another wedlock child.

This single is going to be featured on his upcoming solo album titled Life Is Good, which is his first album in four years and also to be his final album under Deaf Jam Records. He had some heavy hitting producers in the creative process of this album, including Dr. Dre, Swizz Beatz, Alex Da Kid, Q-Tip, Heavy D,  Big K.R.I.T, Just Blaze, Bangladesh, just to name a few. Take a listen.

“Nasty” is another featured single thats was previously released on August 9, 2011 on iTunes. He shows some favoritism to the ’90s era, which is the kind of vibe this song has.  If you missed it, click below to listen.

“The Don”- 3:02 mins long with the hook shouting “Nas the Don, Inner New York City”, produced by the late Heavy D,  Da Internz, and Salaam Remi has been released on iTunes since April 3,2012.


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Theophilus London Collabs w/A$ap Rocky on “Big Spender”

Theophilus London gets flashy with the lifestyle he lives that we all wish we did in a new song called “Big Spender” off his new project Lovers Holiday II: Rose Island , which is set to release May 15th. The track is definitely reaching back in time and turning an old classic into a new hit. If you like sampling as much as I do, you’ll love this. From the muscial play  Chicago, there is a number titled “Big Spender” where the women go on and on about a noticeably high rolling gentlemen who enters the club. The song was actually an original from one of UK’s former pop stars, Shirley Bassey, and has been covered numerous times over the past 40-plus years by artist including Diana Ross and the Supremes. Where Theophilus heard it first is not clear, but he made it his own, brilliantly collabing with one of the hottest new artist at this time, Asap Rocky. Turn the volume on and take a listen.

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The Weeknd “Song bird of his Generation”

R&B lovers, are going to love this one. The Weeknd – no “e”-  is a 22 year old Canadian musician who is barely scratching the music scene,but already deemed the “Songbird of his Generation” by MTV, BET, Rolling Stone, XXL, and The Source. All I can say about that is, for good reason! He’s already been nominated and even won a few awards so, like always, I went through and found the best tracks from the trilogy of mixtapes he released last year; House of Balloons (released March 2011), Thursday (released August 2011), and Echoes of Silence (released December 2011). I steer clear of jibber-jabber so , yes, he will have you lyrically inclined. Here are the top 8 choices of mine:

“What You Need”- House of Balloons. The intro has a faint, kind of distorted sample from Aaliyah’s “Rock the Boat” when she says “Baby now we can coast”.

“Wicked Games” – House of Balloons

“The Morning” – House of Balloons

“Gone” – Thursday

“Rolling Stone” – Thursday

“High For This” – House Of Balloons

“Initiation” – Echoes of Silence

“Next” – Echoes of Silence

You can listen download all three mixtapes from his website from the link below.

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