Poetic Lyrics & Dope Beats: Kevin Sinatra

I’m big on ( 1.) lyrical content and ( 2.) delivery. What good does an emcee’s word do if the people can’t understand them? Kevin Sinatra poses both qualities. I honestly feel a little late just now discovering his music, but when I find it- I share it!

After looking through a few of his videos on youtube, I came across the five of what I think are his best songs.

“In My Soul” has a short sample in the beginning from Ray Charles’s “I believe” and a portion of Malcolm X’s most famous speeches “Make It Plain”. The song gives us a look into his thoughts, dreams and struggles.

“Hometown”, sampled from Adele’s own original “Hometown Glory”, he represents his roots from the DMV. He touches on a few of his memories growing up and even shows a few famous faces that are also DMV bred.

“Starring the eyes of Medusa” he features female rapper Elle Maxwell, produced by Curtis Tull.

“Letters To You”


If the lyrical content is on point, then an artist can usually make any beat sound dope. He has a mixtape that has already surface titled The Battle For Olympus that you can download on the link below. The next one is expected to drop Spring 2012 entitled My Shiny Suit. 

Kevin Sinatra The Battle For Olympus:


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