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Stalley drops his new mixtape, “Savage Journey To The American Dream”

Highly anticipated and its finally here!! Stalley dropped another mixtape titled Savage Journey To The American Dream, known as #SJTTAD on twitter. His previous mixtape, Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music),  showed us his variety in vocabulary making his rhymes clear, clean and connectable, his amazing taste in beats, and love of instrumentals. Its exciting to finally hear an artist with a combination of lyricism and quality taste in beats, and just when we thought he couldn’t get better, he dropped another one on us. This mixtape shows more variety in sounds, but every song is still relevant to the album title: whether it lies in love, a career, or possession of money, we’re all in one savage journey to reach our own idea of what it is to be living the “American Dream”.

Here are five of what I picked to be the best. The link at the bottom is where you can listen to the full mixtape.

My favorite out of the lineup goes out to “BCGMMG” feat Rick Ross and Meek Mill

“Party Heart”

Ranked another one of my favs, “Cold”

“Home To You”. Ain’t no place like it.

“Petrin Hill Poenies”

“I was underground then, and I’m underground now. Only difference is I ain’t tryna be found”- Stalley

Listen and Download the full mixtape


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Big K.R.I.T – “I Got This”

You know the west is the last to hear of good country/east coast rappers, so I have to keep Arizona up to speed. This is one of the newest releases from K.R.I.T. titled “I Got This” on his mixtape 4Eva N A Day. You can hear the G-funk organ-whines and cluster-bomb drums working in the background, and K.R.I.T showing us his capability to connect from the streets all the way to the boardroom, as usual. You’ll like it.

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Cartoon & Cereal – Kendrick Lamar (Feat. Gunplay)

Who else besides Kendrick Lamar can take a sort of weird sounding song at first and make it sound so dope? To top it off, he made the perfect collaboration with Gunplay.The title in itself is interesting making you wonder, why is a rap artist talking about cartoons and cereal?

The 6 min and 40 second track is a plethora of play on words. You first hear the bridge with alien-sounding voices explaining how his father lived a life of crime and Kendrick, looking to him as a role- model, followed in the same direction. His father would tell him as he says in the song ” ..don’t be like me, just finish watching cartoons…”  then the bridge continues to say ” which is funny because all I see is Wile E. Coyotes in the room, and I run it.” There is a double meaning to that. One is his father telling him to not pay attention to the violent world of crime he’s involved in – just watch cartoons, but ironically Wile E. Coyote is using bombs, guns, traps, and many other weapons to kill the Road Runner. The second side is Kendrick comparing himself to the Road Runner and other rappers to Wile E. Coyote; being that they are all trying to catch up to him,the Road Runner, but never can.

The bridge sets the stage for the rest of the song which is linked below. Take a listen

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Era Hardaway – “Hardaway”

If you’re trying to get anywhere in life, you can relate to this.

You can always tell who spends the extra time perfecting their craft. Era Hardaway is an artist on the ups who’s not relying just on dope beats to bring attention to his music. Each song has a meaning and a message that relates to everyone trying to reach their dream in life. He’s on the look-out list. Here’s some more of his music.

“Dear Anonymous”


Era Hardaway – CanYouFeelIt (Over 14KT “Million Miles Away”) Instrumental)

“Two Three”

This is the song I heard from both Kevin Sinatra and Era Hardaway and triggered me to look further into both of their music. “We In There”

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Poetic Lyrics & Dope Beats: Kevin Sinatra

I’m big on ( 1.) lyrical content and ( 2.) delivery. What good does an emcee’s word do if the people can’t understand them? Kevin Sinatra poses both qualities. I honestly feel a little late just now discovering his music, but when I find it- I share it!

After looking through a few of his videos on youtube, I came across the five of what I think are his best songs.

“In My Soul” has a short sample in the beginning from Ray Charles’s “I believe” and a portion of Malcolm X’s most famous speeches “Make It Plain”. The song gives us a look into his thoughts, dreams and struggles.

“Hometown”, sampled from Adele’s own original “Hometown Glory”, he represents his roots from the DMV. He touches on a few of his memories growing up and even shows a few famous faces that are also DMV bred.

“Starring the eyes of Medusa” he features female rapper Elle Maxwell, produced by Curtis Tull.

“Letters To You”


If the lyrical content is on point, then an artist can usually make any beat sound dope. He has a mixtape that has already surface titled The Battle For Olympus that you can download on the link below. The next one is expected to drop Spring 2012 entitled My Shiny Suit. 

Kevin Sinatra The Battle For Olympus:

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Good Music Last Forever (Sampling At It’s Finest)

Sampling is an art; a tribute; an artistic and creative way to take a great song and make it your own. Yay or nay?  Some agree, but others disagree saying that sampling is just permission to copy-cat and is unoriginal. One thing that is fact, various artist use sampling and if they’ve sampled once, they’ve probably sampled a few other times as well! As an end result, they create some of the best hits known to our generation. I personally do not see a problem with it as long as the artist has permission, and most importantly, the song is justified!

I’ve researched and gathered  (in no particular order) 10 very well- known music artist who’s most memorable songs were sampled from a previous artist. The interesting part is that the average joe probably had no idea it wasn’t 100% original when they first heard the song. Let’s see how many of the ten you already knew where sampled pieces:

We’ll start with one of my favorites.

1). Hey look, it’s Kanye! The sample-song-king! Kanye has sampled over 600 songs in his career! This is “Drunk & Hot Girls” from his 2007 album, Graduation, originally made by a German rock band named Can with the song entitled “Sing Swan Song”. Skip to the :30 mark on Can’s original version.


2). That man named LUDACRIS! He, amongst many greats, he dipped in the sampling pool with his classic “Diamond In The Back” from the late great Curtis Mayfield “Diamond In The Back”. Listen to the original version up to the 2min mark, then listen through the first 1:04 of Ludacris’s song.


3). This next song almost had me in tears. Rest in Peace, Aaliyah. “I Care 4U” sampled from The Newcomers “Too Little In Common To Be Lovers”


4). M.I.A received recognition after releasing “Paper Planes” which was sampled from The Clash ” Straight To Hell”.


5). Eminem’s most famous song was “My Name Is”, but he had help with the creative process. This was sampled from blues- funk singer of Labi Siffre ” I Got The … Blues”. On Labi’s original version skip to the 2:08 mark.


6). Music artist Major Lazer must be raking in major revenue from his song “Pon de floor”. Just click the video, you’ll immediately know who sampled it and on which song.

7). We all could probably tell “Int’l Players Anthem” from UGK ft Outkast was a sampled song, but did you know who it was from? Well now you do. Willie Hutch with “I Choose You”


8). Trick Daddy and Lil Jon went way out of there audience range and sampled “Let’s Go” from goth rock king Ozzy Osbourne and his song,”Crazy Train”. I’m actually glad they turned it into something a hip hop fan like myself could enjoy. Just listen to the first 20 sec of both songs


9). One of Outkast’s earlier hits “So Fresh So Clean” was sampled from Joe Simon -Before The Night Is Over. In Joe’s version he swoons to his lady saying how they will be in love before the night is over. The smooth sound and vocals is probably what inspired Outkast in their version, explaining why they’re the “coolest motha-funkas on the planet”.


10).  Finally! The last one. More than a decade ago, 2pac passed away, but left us with a grip of long lasting music and poetry. He sampled plenty of songs himself; one of them being Bruce Hornsby – “The Way It Is” on his own version of “The Way it Is”. On the original, listen through the 1:30 mark.


Good Music Last Forever.

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