She Lives (Paying Tribute To Aaliyah)

Gone, but never forgotten, Aaliyah had one of the most angelic, pure and gentle voices of R&B hands down. I have yet to meet anyone who has not been captivated by the sounds of her fresh beats and smooth vocals. Doesn’t seem like a decade ago the tragedy of her death broke news. Through out the the years, many artist continue to pay homage through samples, remixes and covers.

Drake’s “Unforgettable”  featuring Young Jeezy on his album ‘Thank Me Later’ samples the cooing and graceful ad libbing from Aaliyah heard in “At Your Best” from her  1994 album ‘Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number’. You hear at the beginning and end of the song Aaliyah saying Let me know, let me know. In the song, Drake speaks to his fans saying he hopes he will always be remembered and never forgotten, hoping they will “let him know” he’s unforgettable.

This is the original version

Now listen to Drake’s Version

Then we have J. Cole, who sampled vocals by Aaliyah from Missy Elliot’s “Best friend”  on her album ‘Super Dupa Fly’. He also titled the song “Best Friend”, but in this song he speaks about his girl’s best friend always trying to convince her to leave him and his sneaky, cheating ways. The love the two share is apparently too strong to break.

Missy Elliot “Best Friend”

J.Cole “Best Friend”

Rick-Ross-the-BAWSE sampled from (one of my favorite Aaliyah songs) “Rock The Boat” on his song titled “She’s Crazy”. Aaliyah is softly ad libbing in the background while the reminiscing lyrics tell a story about a woman who held down her man and even caught herself in the middle of all his risky crime sprees but never stopped loving him. To go through all she did, it was no doubt she had to be crazy! Neyo sings the chorus.

“Rock The Boat”

“She Crazy”

Her style was uncommon and the hits she made with Missy Elliot and Timberland were classic. Plainly, there just won’t be another.

To learn more about her death and look back on her legacy click on this link below:

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