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Save A Slice Of Humble Pie For Yourself….

I am a lover of all people. I may not get along with some, I may even avoid contact with a few because of the things they do, but I love all people as a person. I feel like the Christian faith is continuously being misrepresented because people seem to leave out that part; the LOVE! We tell people they are wrong, we quote scriptures to prove our point, and we cover up our mistakes instead of acknowledging that WE ARE NOT JESUS and we make mistakes too. This is how we find ourselves being the butt of all jokes and probably taken the least serious out of all faiths and religions.

If the Christian faith was represented correctly then we wouldn’t have to spend more time defending our faith than sharing it. Here are 5 things Christians must remember:


You are not Jesus. Jesus was, is, and always will be the one and only perfect example of a human being. How can anyone expect people to respect, let alone listen to what a Christian has to say if there’s this stuck-up attitude that we are superior? Some people even automatically assume all Christians think they’re better than other people because so many use the faith to put ourselves on pedestals. There is nothing God won’t do for you that He won’t do for anyone else.  Jesus hung around with the sinners because they needed Him! How can you sit in church and get nervous because you are sitting next to a sinner? It’s a church, not a museum of “perfect people”, this is where sinners need to be. WE WANT THEM THERE. (Pssst, and by the way, you’re a sinner, too) We all sin everyday, even when we don’t realize it. The closer we get to God, the less we sin, but no one can point their finger at anyone else because their hands are not clean either.


“Haha! You’re half empty!”

 The reason why God cannot not bless you in your life as abundantly as He could may be because you still have one foot in the world and the other foot in the church. Hokey- pokey Christians is what we call ’em. So you found enough of Jesus to get you to church every Sunday, but not enough to keep you out of the club on  Thursday, Friday and Saturday? Okay, so you still have to work on yourself some more, but do not put on this holy front for people like you have it all together when you don’t. Remember, God doesn’t want half of you, He wants all of you. Playing hokey pokey does you no good anyhow because now all you’re stuck with are a bunch of commandments to follow, no benefit received from God because you still have too much of the world in you, and to top it off a guilty heart on Sunday morning. Your’e not earning any “safe points” by giving God an hour or two out of your whole week, so if you still want a taste of the world so bad, you mine as well go all in and have at it! If people heard you talking about Jesus then saw you shaking your tail-feather and droppin’ it like it’s hot, do you think anyone will take this seriously? They won’t find any need to give their life to Jesus because they don’t see any difference in yours. When you represent something, you influence a person’s life decision on whether they want to be apart of that by your actions; regardless if you intended to influence them or not.


How is God going to use you for His will if you still stuck in between the church and the world? It’s one thing to be that way if you’re just starting out as a Christian, but to be this way for 5 or 6 years? When are you going to make a decision? There’s no possible way you are giving God enough time if you’re still straddling the fence. There must be some growth otherwise God will use someone else who IS growing. There’s reward in growth too. Jesus said “I’ve come that you might have life and have it more abundantly”.  See that? He wants to bless you so you can enjoy life! You think all you have to do is go to church and your automatically saved? NO SIREE! This is dangerous thinking because people believe that if they go to church every Sunday and says their 5 minute prayer everyday, BOOM! They’re in. So they can do whatever they want as long as they ask for forgiveness and go to church next week. No sweetie, it doesn’t work like that. Always using “You know my heart, Lord” as an excuse isn’t going to cut it each time. That would be what we call “playing God for a fool” and God is not no fool (no typo). Yes, God forgives, but you can’t play any game on Him! He’s God! You don’t think He knows what you are doing? There is a purpose to this life. God blessed you with some type of talent and passion in life; that wasn’t so you can use it in vein! Time is not on our side, don’t waist it. Just choose.


There is nothing more embarrassing than listening to another Christian talk a bunch of mumbo jumbo because they don’t know enough of God’s Word. They have a nice little speech planned out topped with a supporting scripture, but as soon as someone ask a question or makes a challenge they weren’t prepared for, they suddenly crash and burn. Slowly crash and burn at that. Give yourself time to grow. I’m not saying don’t talk to people about God, but talk about what you know. “My people parish because of a lack of knowledge” is what it says in Hosea 4:6 (NKJ) . Know your stuff! Know what the hec you are talking about. Spare yourself the embarrassment and other people the confusion. Be honest about what you know (don’t add or take away parts of the Bible to make your point seem stronger). This comes with studying with understanding God’s word. When you do that you will be equipped to go out and spread the Good News!


These people want to  be a Christian when it works in their favor. They know God is real and believe in Him, but only want to acknowledge Him when they are in trouble and need a bailing out. Don’t wait for things to go wrong before you decide to call on God. Being a Christian is like a marriage. Would you want to marry someone who only wants to be married when it works in their favor? A husband that only claims to have a wife when he wants to avoid giving his phone number to an ugly chick at the bar, but suddenly forgets he’s married on his trip to Vegas?  Or a wife that likes being married when she needs the credit card, but suddenly looses her wedding ring when it’s lady’s night at the club? That’s an uncommitted person, and God does’t want that anymore than you do. Commit all of yourself to Him if you have chosen this way of life. Praise God in the good and in the bad.

There is no perfect person in the world, but we have got to get ourselves together. My freshmen writing professor shared a story with me that broke my heart. Her sister claimed to be a Christian, but treated their drunken brother like a dog. He needed help and was trying to make his life better (the time a person needs God the most), but instead of sharing the good news that God loves him and will deliver him from his deadly drinking, she treated him like dirt. According to my professor he didn’t fit in the image that her sister wanted for the family so she decided to completely cut him out. Because of the way her “Christian” sister treated her brother, she said she would never want to be apart of that faith and wasn’t trying to hear anything I had to say about what it really means to be a Christian. This is a very smart woman but has been lead astray because this person did not do right. Now we have a lost soul that wants nothing to do with God. Be careful what you do if you are going to claim the Christian faith. Be one hundred percent real about your life, and don’t get on any high horses about who you are. Know what your’e talking about before you start talking. Most importantly, love one another!

I write this in love because I want to put an end to the foolishness. We are on a mission, do not lose sight of that and remember what it means to be a Christian (meaning Christ-Like). Remember how you were before you gave your life to Christ and realize God loves you the same then as He loves you now. Only difference is now we can spend eternity with Him. (:


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She Lives (Paying Tribute To Aaliyah)

Gone, but never forgotten, Aaliyah had one of the most angelic, pure and gentle voices of R&B hands down. I have yet to meet anyone who has not been captivated by the sounds of her fresh beats and smooth vocals. Doesn’t seem like a decade ago the tragedy of her death broke news. Through out the the years, many artist continue to pay homage through samples, remixes and covers.

Drake’s “Unforgettable”  featuring Young Jeezy on his album ‘Thank Me Later’ samples the cooing and graceful ad libbing from Aaliyah heard in “At Your Best” from her  1994 album ‘Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number’. You hear at the beginning and end of the song Aaliyah saying Let me know, let me know. In the song, Drake speaks to his fans saying he hopes he will always be remembered and never forgotten, hoping they will “let him know” he’s unforgettable.

This is the original version

Now listen to Drake’s Version

Then we have J. Cole, who sampled vocals by Aaliyah from Missy Elliot’s “Best friend”  on her album ‘Super Dupa Fly’. He also titled the song “Best Friend”, but in this song he speaks about his girl’s best friend always trying to convince her to leave him and his sneaky, cheating ways. The love the two share is apparently too strong to break.

Missy Elliot “Best Friend”

J.Cole “Best Friend”

Rick-Ross-the-BAWSE sampled from (one of my favorite Aaliyah songs) “Rock The Boat” on his song titled “She’s Crazy”. Aaliyah is softly ad libbing in the background while the reminiscing lyrics tell a story about a woman who held down her man and even caught herself in the middle of all his risky crime sprees but never stopped loving him. To go through all she did, it was no doubt she had to be crazy! Neyo sings the chorus.

“Rock The Boat”

“She Crazy”

Her style was uncommon and the hits she made with Missy Elliot and Timberland were classic. Plainly, there just won’t be another.

To learn more about her death and look back on her legacy click on this link below:

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