Who Run This Motha—?….GIRLS

My previous post titled “A Woman’s Worth” reminded me of a topic that people are continuing to discuss, and that is the meaning behind Beyonce’s song “Who Run The World? (Girls)”. Many people felt outraged about this song saying women don’t really run the world, it’s a man’s world, this is just another failed attempt after The Spice Girls at “girl power”, and there are women in other countries who still have little or no civil rights at all.

Okay people, Must we always be so technical? First thing I’m going to address is the “failed girl power” attempt . Why are we ok with the typical bitches and hoes and womanizing lyrics of hundreds of songs created a year, but decide to speak out against a woman trying to uplift other women? And to say that this a failed attempt at girl power? If women don’t try to encourage other women then who will?  A song alone cannot change the world, but Beyonce is doing her job, making good, fun and uplifting music for people to enjoy. It’s refreshing to hear something positive about a woman on the radio (that has something to do with things other than sex).

SECOND: To address the suggestion that this song is not relevant because of the women around the world who still have no rights, I’m sure Beyonce and her song writer are very aware of this sad, but true, fact. I don’t think they meant for this to be taken so literal. Look at the lyrics! She speaks about women who are college grads, working their 9-5, bearing children then going back to work and buying thing with their own money and getting more later. That is strength; the type of strength that makes it obvious that women have their hands in ever aspect of life, making a woman’s worth and position in life something the world cannot live without. We may not be running the white house or having any position at all in some parts of the country, but what would this world be without the love of a mother or without the strength of a woman? Nothing. The world needs us for everything now. We run the world….get it?

Now, this is not to downplay a man’s position in the world because men and women are both needed to make the world go ’round. I believe that God made the man the head of the house and most things in life because of the logical thinking men use. We as women use our emotions and intuition and you cannot make logical choices with emotions. We need men just as much as they need us. Obviously men have the physical power and strength, but women have that emotional strength that takes a lot more out of a person. A man is the head of the house hold, but women are the neck that turns that head. Without the neck, the head is immobile. Again THIS IS NOT A DOWNPLAY ON MEN, but people need to be reminded of a woman’s worth. Young women and girls will have no idea the power they posses if someone doesn’t .

*Extra point. You see how Neyo created “Ms. Independent”, Boosie and Webbie created “Independent”, Fabolous and Jamie Foxx created “She got her own” (all males by the way) and got so much praise for it. These are all great song that describes the beautiful, smart, strong, hard working women in the world. Soon as a woman does the EXACT SAME THING she catches hell.

This is exactly what the music needs because the generations of today assume women are hoes and bitches first and have to prove that they’re not, instead of being a lady first then proving to actually be a hoe if they are. This world is so backwards! If you want to object to something, you can start with subject that actually poses as a problem.

For those who have not seen/heard the song, here is the video link below the picture Listen and enjoy!


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